Hi! Ciao! Hola! Zdravo!

I’m Stephanie, Steph, Stephie, Stefanija, Shtef, S6eef, Soltoofa (the names will change and grow in number as I learn and encounter more languages)

I am….a language learner, intrigued by language and linguistics, a lifetime learner, an avid reader, a yogi, a vegetarian playing with the idea of being vegan and/or whole-food plant based, a writer, curious, a creator, a dreamer and full of random undefined ideas.

With my passion to learn and desire to experience and enjoy all that I can while I can, I am simply planning to use this blog as a means of self-expression and exploration of the world. The majority of posts will explore a word or phrase from any language I am learning or am familiar with (and sometimes from my mother tongue..English).  Other posts will touch on my interests, what I discover and/or learn and find worthy enough to share.



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